Attended two days micro service conference (µCon) in London

I have attended two days microservice conference in London last week. Full conference videos available here.

In the conference, I managed to speak to eventstore Guru Greg Young and cleared my some of technical questions related to event sourcing. I also got chance to meet the famous conveys law Mr.Mel convey. He also did a closing keynote in the conference.

The opening keynote on day 1 is about Hello Microservice, Production hates you by Russ Miles. I already knew about chaos engineering and chaos monkey from Netflix But i didn't know about the chaos toolkit. Thanks to russ, chaos toolkit is added to my shiny new things to try trello list. Chaos toolkit is trying to make the chaos test as a process where you execute the chaos test as set of scripts and compare the chaos results with Prometheus metrics and share the results with everyone. I will write more about it once i get chance to play with it.

The another interesting talk is Guns, Germs, and Steel (and Microservices?) by daniel. With time machine, he took us to 13,000 years before and compare it with current developement process and what we can learn from history. Why it is important to create surplus resources that helps everyone to innovate than wasting time to create those resources. My books to read list also increased after this talk. This one is the best talk for me in 2 days conference.

After two days of conference, i can see most of the companies following three different architecture styles to implement microservices. First one is, each microservice has its own api and communicate with other microservices via REST/rpc. The second approach is instead of microservices talk to each other directly, they use message buses to issue commands to other microservice and get the command results using the other microservice rest api. Third approach is to use events to share common data across different microservices.

This conference is really a good place where you can share and learn from people who is enjoying the pain and joy of implementing microservice architecture. I am looking forward to attend the next year conference to see how things evolved in next year microservice world.